Book writing and publication is one of the ways by which we share new knowledge on the psychology of Filipino workers and best practices of local organizations. Ateneo CORD’s publications and their brief descriptions are found below:

A finalist in the 2006 National Book Awards, this book brings together research and best practices relevant to managing human resources in the Philippines. The first section entitled The Psychology of the Filipino Worker presents the values, motivations, sources of well-being, and characteristics of Filipino workers and leaders. The second section presents Human Resource Management practices in Philippine organizations.

This book combines selected articles from the column People at Work Pulse in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The articles are based on readers' surveys on a variety of work issues and are grouped into the following sections: employee needs and values, job prospects and opportunities, developing in one's career, relationships at work, technology and work and issues in the workplace.

This book brings together 15 articles that aim to aid leaders in understanding how to best manage Filipino organizations. The section on Leading the People focuses on experiences and perspectives of Filipino workers and leaders. While the section on Leading Organizations provides the reader with concrete examples of leadership in an environment of change.

This book documents a yearlong research on call center workers in the Philippines. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of call center. It looks at the emotional labor requirements of working in call centers, night work, the practice of culture masquerading and the effects of these on worker’s identity, well-being and organization commitment.  The book suggests strategies to buffer the negative effects of call center work and some means to retain and engage call center workers.

Awarded “Best Book” by the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards, this book features inspiring stories of Kamay Krafts, Hapinoy, CARD-MRI, Conti’s Multipurpose Cooperative, Gawad Kalinga, Rags2Riches, Pathways to Higher Education & Venture for Fundraising.

This book is a compilation of articles published in the column “Workplace Wisdom” of the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 2009-2011. These research-based articles seek to harness knowledge that comes from Filipino workers and empower leader and organizations to manage workers and organizations in the Philippines effectively.

This book tells the story of how change management played a critical role in the transformation processes of nine local government units across the country. It focuses on analyzing these governmental changes and how they impact Philippine society.

This book was written in partnership with the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) featuring best practices in strategic human resources management in Philippine organizations. These practices are helpful in developing or improving classroom discussions on this important organizational topic.

This book shows how general theories and concepts in organization behavior and psychology are applied in the local work setting and modified on the dynamics and intricacies of Philippine context and culture.


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