Ateneo CORD is under the School of Social Sciences, the largest of the five Loyola Schools. It has seven academic departments, four academic programs, and ten centers with approximately 35 graduate programs, 14 undergraduate programs and 11 minor programs.

Ateneo CORD was established in 1974 as the Human Resources Center by the Department of Psychology. It was the “manifestation of a felt responsibility to translate theoretical knowledge of human behavior into applicable tools for effective human resource development in organizations and communities”. In 2002, the new name was introduced to better reflect the scientist-practitioner character of the Center. As an academic unit, it was deemed important to highlight the research facet of the work performed. As the extension arm of the Psychology Department in Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychology, it is the venue where faculty and graduate students in this discipline apply and share their knowledge in the fields of training, research, and organization development.



A leader in building knowledge and a partner of choice in promoting workers well-being and organization sustainability through strategic human resource management and organization and leadership development



Aligned with the aspirations of the Ateneo de Manila University and the Psychology Department’s commitment to excellence and service, we partner with practitioners and organizations in optimizing their capabilities in ethical and responsible strategic human resource management and organization and leadership development

We do this by:

  • Creating context-sensitive models and theories, and generating and sharing knowledge
  • Developing and facilitating solutions grounded on research
  • Building competencies



Psychological Safety: We put a premium on trust, respect, and open communication.  We foster a working environment where members and clients can openly explore ideas and take risks to encourage creativity and innovation.

Agility: We welcome change as an opportunity to grow, exercise flexibility, and renew ourselves as well as create effective solutions to challenges and emerging needs.

Responsiveness: We partner with our clients to diagnose their needs and design suitable solutions.

Teamwork and Commitment: We seek to nurture a culture where diverse individuals take ownership of their work and work together toward a collective goal while sustaining healthy working relationships.

Nurturing the Individual: We recognize the needs of the individual and seek to achieve a balance between organizational and individual goals.

Ethics in Practice: We follow ethical practices in our profession and ensure that a professional code of conduct guides our working relationship with internal and external clients. 

Resilience & Sustainability: We harness our individual and collective strengths in order to recover from setbacks, become better, and embrace sustainable practices.

Service: We exemplify Magis in the way we perform our work in service of God and country.

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